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Composer | Italy

I’m Gabriel, a musician since I was a child. I started composing my own music in my early days and still today I have that bad habit!
I played and wrote in many genres and many projects including films, commercials, musicals, theater, albums, games, and historical documentaries … have you heard my stuff?


Year Project name Client Role
2008 Prosit F. Arzani Composer, Sound Designer
2008 Strega – Rock musical Composer, Sound designer
2009 Madre F.Arzani Composer, Sound designer
2010 La luna Blu Composer
2010 100 mg Diego Monfredini Composer
2011 Neolithic Day Parco neolitico Travo Composer, Sound designer
2012 Milkshake Diego Monfredini Composer
2015 Nero – La serie G.Piva Composer, Sound designer
2015 iMaster Art – Showreels iMAsterart academy Composer
2015 Spar Arredi Commercial iMasterart academy Composer
2016 NowHere Game iMasterart academy Composer
2017 L.I.S. – Game Smoking Mirror Composer
2017 Memoria G.Piva Composer
2017 Maila – Backstage shooting S.Pendolino Composer
2019 The Receptionist G.Piva – A.Pescosta Composer
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Year Award Awarded for
2015 nomination Rome web award Original Music for short tv serie

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