Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound editing, sound supervisor, foley.

Highlighted references

• Love, Death and Robots – Season 1: animated shorts – Sonnie’s Edge and Shape Shifters – Sound designer
• Attack of the Murder Hornets – Documentary – Discovery Network – Sound designer
• Mila – Animated short film 40 + festival awards- Sound designer

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FAQ, About

About Gary Zacuto

Sound designer | Shoreline Studios | USA | Virginia

As a sound designer for Film, TV and Trailers, I bring experience, creativity and collaboration to the film. I work to bring the filmmakers vision to life through sound. With music being the emotion in a film, sound design is the attitude.
My home studio is in the Washington, DC metro area, featuring Pro Tools with an extensive plugin list, a very large sound effects library and all kinds of fun sound design instruments (toys for big kids). Real time connectivity for reviews included via Source Live.
I can come as your sound designer, or bring along colleagues to fill out a team.
My website listed has links of samples for variety of projects and IMDB page.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Mila Cinzia Angelini Sound designer
2022 Bite Size Halloween – Sleep Study Natalie Metzger Sound designer
2022 Secrets of the Asylum Painless Productions Sound designer
2021 Attack of the Murder Hornets Discovery Sound designer
2021 Too Late D.W. Thomas Sound designer


Year Award Awarded for
2022 Telly Mila

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