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About Giuseppe Caiazzo

Sound designer | Silence+Other Sounds | UK

I’m an independent developer of cinematic SFX libraries. After spending a long time as an electronic artist and producer, my passion for sampling gradually took an autonomous life, leading to a growing interest in music and sound for images.

I try to experiment, learn and discover all the time. In my average day there may be a mixed combination of all of the following: recording odd objects, spending countless hours patching an hybrid granular sampler, layering sounds , composing trailer music , managing my company Silence+Other Sounds, sharpening my coding skills and listening to music. I’ve collaborated with several sound design companies (Sampletraxx, Epic Stock Media), wrote trailer music for library music publishers (Last Sonic Frontiers), designed presets for UVI.
In all these years, I also managed to get a PhD in Engineering, where I have gained most of my knowledge in coding and DSP.

People know me as a likeable guy, constantly committed to his work and keen to meet and work with other audio heads.

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