Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Wwise, Composition, Sound Design, Foley,

Highlighted references

• End of the Mine, Skirmish Entertainment
• The SoulKeeper VR, HELM Studios
• My Town, My Town Games Ltd

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About Ian Bailey

Sound designer | UK

Creating sounds is my passion.

As a seasoned professional in audio, I go to great lengths to ensure the listener is truly immersed in the experience. Once I am involved in a project, I am determined to achieve the vision, even outside of the normal work day. I can immediately begin creating the sounds in my mind when I work on a project. I know exactly what is required, and I know how to achieve it. I adapt myself according to the requirements, and share the same vision and passion as the creator.

My goal is always to make the most awesome sounds possible. I love the feeling of the sounds I create bringing game to life. I either craft the sounds from scratch by recording and mixing my own Foley, or using a range of synthesizers and effects. I am also an avid gamer, and always inspired by new ways that sound integrates with games.


Year Award Awarded for
2011 ICSE Sound Engineering Sound Engineering


Year School Course
2009 Mid Kent College Sound Engineering and Music Technology

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