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Game audio integration, Sound Design, Audio editing, Foley artist

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Composer | Italy
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I am a dynamic person, always looking to improve myself, and I have always had a passion for voice and music in all its aspects, coming to follow various courses of vocal improvement and voiceover and for composer and sound design.
The genres I mostly work on are pop rock indie soul; on the compositional part I work from orchestral compositions to synths, 8bit, horror, etc; on the voiceover for radio, podcasts, tv, movies, audiobooks, etc.
Not professionally but intermediate level I play the piano, basic level bass guitar and ukulele.
I have good mixing bases obtained thanks to the course for composer at the Santa Cecilia conservatory in Rome, I can use the most used daw as a logic reaper wwise fmod ableton or cubase.
I have a small recording studio where I use:
– Macbook pro 2018 15 “,
– preferably daw Logic;
– Speakers Alesis Elevate 3 MKII;
– to record with dynamic microphone shure sm58 or Sennheiser E835, with condenser microphone Warm Audio WA-47jr;
– Audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen;
– closed headphones akg k92, open headphones Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO.
I’ve been a freelance composer since 2016, I work fast and I am accustomed to writing music in dynamic layers, for studios working in e.g. Wwise, FMOD, Reaper.

If you want me to pitch you some original music for your project, just send a mail and we’ll take it from there!


Year School Course
2019 Conservatorio Santa Cecilia Roma Master di I Livello in Musica per Videogiochi
2018 Federico II di Napoli Master in fisiopatologia e riabilitazione della voce artistica
2017 London University LLCM in Teaching

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