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About Ivan Fidrovsky

Composer | Russia

I write music for films, TV, advertisements, produce podcasts and help create audio brands. I am very interested in how music assists storytelling, and how together with visuals and sound effects, it creates and immerses audiences in entirely new moods and worlds. I aim to experience the everyday in its tiniest details. For me it is the ultimate inspiration that you really don’t have to go looking for. All the emotions, experiences are already there. I only need to pick them up and infuse into my work.

These are my top 3 priorities when working on a project:

– Supporting the story: If the music is being written for a text (anything that conveys a set of meanings), it’s main goal is to support the story line, the idea of its creators or authors at its best (whether it is an ad, a short film, or music for a podcast). My goal as a composer is to find the best way to do it.
– Conveying emotions: Based on what the creators have in mind, I strive to support, intensify and if needed, shape the intended emotional message of their text.
– Realistic sounds and effects: I only use first-class, realistic sounding sample libraries and professional synths. No free/cheap midi plugins.


Year School Course
2015 University of Nottingham International Communications with Chinese

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