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Transcription, composing, intermediate theory, instruments, basic DAW

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Field recordist | Singapore | Singapore

I am currently a researcher in the Singapore University of Technology and Design, working on Audio & Acoustics. The projects range from musical instrument design to machine learning and healthcare applications. I get involved in audio recordings, DAW usage and some signal processing in my daily work.
I absolutely love music and video games, and in my free time I do (Musescore) transcriptions of video game soundtracks for leisure, or practise my instruments! Some favourites off the tip of my tongue would be from the Pokemon games, Skyrim, Halo, Genshin Impact and Ori and the Blind Forest. I used to play the violin, but I do guitar mostly these days, and some drums whenever I have the chance. I’m very much into the modern hardcore/metal scene, and I do enjoy some electronic, and Mandarin/Taiwanese pop.
I dream of one day involving myself in the creative process of audio in video games.


Year School Course
2022 Nanyang Technological University Masters in Engineering
2019 Nanyang Technological University Bachelors in Materials Science

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