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Composition, Game Audio, Audio Editing, Mix Engineering

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About Jamie Molloy

Sound designer | Ninja Theory | UK

Junior Sound Designer at Ninja Theory.

My objective is to create unique, innovative and memorable audio experiences. Having been a gamer and lover of audio for the majority of my life, I understand the importance of audio in games and the impact it can have on the experience. I want to use my technical skills, knowledge and creativity to make your game sound the best it possibly can.


I love games and have an in depth understanding of what makes one successful.

I take pride in my ability to design and implement audio to an exceptionally high standard with creativity and originality.

I am a proficient composer and musician and therefore understand the importance of sound design in conjunction with music.

I can use a variety of DAW’s and software including REAPER, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, iZotope RX and more. I also have experience with various engines and middleware such as Unity, Unreal Engine, GameMaker: Studio and Wwise.

I consider myself to be sociable and a great communicator and coordinator. This allows me to collaborate with others effectively. I can also work well on my own as I am very self dependent.

I consider myself to be versatile when it comes to creating sound and music for a variety of styles and genres.

BA(Hons) Creative Sound Design – First Class Honours

I have a desire to learn and grow. I am very early on in my career, and eager to learn everything there is to know!


Year Project name Client Role
2017 COLOR Dual Studios Sound designer/Composer


Year School Course
2017 Academy Of Contemporary Music BA (Hons) Creative Sound Design

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