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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Interactive Music, Trailers, Foley, AR/VR, Mix/master

Highlighted references

• Ember Sword / Bright Star Studios
• Starwars: Andor
• Strange World Teaser Trailer

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About Jannick Miki Damkvist

Composer | JMD Sound Studios | Denmark

I am a composer/sound designer and currently working on EmberSword and on various other media projects, such as music sync, advertising, and trailers. I love playing guitar, mixing/mastering and I am always looking to expand my knowledge of music production and game audio.
I am currently focusing on writing trailer music and production music for libraries while doing sound design & music for games.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 JustinSpace Stoneplant Studios Composer/Sound Designer
2018 Ember Sword Brightstar Studios/Socouch Studios Composer/Sound Designer
2020 The Zone: Stalker Stories Illuminated Games Composer
2020 Kirotut/Slayar PigletMakingSoup Composer/Sound Designer
2022 Strange World Teaser Trailer Disney Licensed Sound Designed
2022 Starwars: Andor Disney Composer/Licensed Custom Music
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Year School Course
2016 Aalborg University Sound And Music

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