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About Jarkko Hietanen

Composer | Unlimitune | Finland

Born and residing in Tampere, Finland, Jarkko Hietanen has been creating music for two decades. During these 20 or so years Jarkko has explored a colorful spectrum of styles and genres. Starting with electronic sounds in the early 2000’s and gradually incorporating more and more acoustic and organic styles in the mix.

The first years were entirely independent electronic artist based but after a while the idea of writing music for visual content became the driving inspiring force behind Jarkko’s ventures. Musical ideas just seemed to spawn easier when there was a more concrete reason to create music.

Jarkko graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sound and sound design for media productions and during his studies was able to participate in various productions, mostly consisting of short films. There Jarkko found his love for writing for film. His then unique electronic background proved to be a fresh and welcome quality compared to more traditional composers. This was at the same time a blessing and a curse. In the beginning not having the traditional classic musical training meant that finding a common language between the film production at hand and Jarkko’s strong electronic way of writing was at times a struggle. But film by film the methods of writing film music with Jarkko’s unique musical vocabulary became easier and faster.

Since then Jarkko has written music for numerous of short films with an occational feature film in between, for feature documentary, numerous of corporate videos, a bunch of online videos, a wide array of TV music for TV shows running in North America, Europe and Asia and music for a few independent video games.

Most recent music projects include a crime documentary production music album for a publisher, videos for Porsche, a sports documentary about a boxer, a feature lenght independent sci-fi film, a feature western film, a full season worth of music for a web series based on the Splinter Cell video games and corporate videos for well-known local Finnish companies.

Today Jarkko runs his own trade name and works as anything described above. But as a twist he has gone back to explore the worlds of electronics again and with the aid of some new exciting analog electronic musical gear called modular synthesizers and eurorack, he is once again combining the worlds of experimental electronic and traditional music.

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