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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound Design, ADR, Voice Overs, Audio Production, Audio Restoration

Highlighted references

• Hitting over 25,000 downloads in less than 6 months for “Boom! A Serial Drama Podcast”
• Winning “Best Sound Design” for the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Challenge
• Winning one of the positions for “Oddworld New N’ Tasty” voice over contest with my friend and voice actor John Aquila

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About Joshua Suhy

Sound designer | JSS Audio | USA | Tennessee

Aspiring sound designer, audio engineer and restorations specialist based in Nashville, TN with over a decade in the professional audio field. My passion is helping artists bring their projects to life with the sole goal of evoking emotion in the audience while helping deliver the message with more impact than just image alone.

– Fully custom Sound Design
– Audio Restoration & Editing
– Voice Over & ADR Recording
– Music Production, Engineering, Mixing & Mastering


Year Project name Client Role
2018 “Chance” Narrow Street Films Sound Designer, Restoration/Editing & Mixer (Action Sequences Only)
2018 “Boom! A serial Drama Podcast” Observer Pictures Engineer, Sound Designer, Restoration/Editing. Mixing & Mastering
2018 “Connected” Dreamchaser Productions Sound Designer, FOley Artist, Restoration & Editing
2018 “Sarah’s Dream” (Currnetly On Festival Circuit) 7 Mile Bridge Productions Engineer, Sound Designer, Restoration & Editing, Mixer
2018 “Ashes” Observer Pictures Sound Designer, Editor & Mixer
2017 “Joyce” Cleveland, OH 48 Hour Film Project Entry Black Rose Productions Sound Designer, Restoration/Editor, Mixer
2017 “Heros of Highland” Teaser Trailer Creation Nation Studios Sound Designer, Editor & Mixer
2016 “The Narrative of Henry Winston” The End Entertianment Sound Designer, Editor, ADR Engineer, Mixer
2016 “My Goodbye Boy” Family 13 Productions Sound Designer, Sound Recordist, Editor, Mixer
2015 “The Search” Rams’ Eye Productions Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer
2015 “Early October” Cleveland, OH 48 Hour Film Project Winner Maple Films Sound Designer, Sound Recordist, Editor, Mixer
2015 “Two Guys In A Car” Show Me The Moné Productions Sound Designer, ADR Engineer, Editor, Mixer
2014 “Who Wants To Be A Zombie Slayer?” Cleavland, OH 48 Hour Film Project Entry Black Rose Productions Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer
2014 “The Astronomer” Maple Films Co-Sound Designer, Foley Recordist, Co-Mixer
2014 “Find Your Extraordinary” Audio Book Arthur Brite Audio Engineer, Editor, Mixer
2014 “Oddworld New N’ Tasty” Voice Over Contest Winner Oddworld Audio Engineer, Editor
2014 “Adrift” Rams’ Eye Productions Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer


Year Award Awarded for
2018 Runner Up- Best Sound Design “Sarah’s Dream” at The Smoky Mountain Film Festival
2015 Best Sound Design “Early October” Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project


Year School Course
2011 The Recording Workshop Certificate of Audio Engineering
2009 Ohio University Scripps School of Communications Bachelors Degree in Audio Post Production & Film

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