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Sound Editing, Composing, Audio Integration, Foley recording, Mixing

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About Jure Buljevic

Sound designer | Frog Squad | Croatia

As careers in audio stress versatility, I spent the last 12 years working as a sound designer, sound editor, composer, audio engineer, mixer, and VO recordist on various types of projects. I did full-length feature films, short films, TV series, music albums, computer, console, mobile games, and animation, all of which amounted to having deep experience with all stages of production of audio content for a very diverse spectrum of production pipelines and products, and a strong commitment to good communication, timely deliveries and ensuring that the concept and execution of sound closely match the vision of the artists and creative directors.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Saint Kotar Red Martyr Entertainment Sound designer, Composer
2022 Eeva Adriatic Animation Sound Editor, Mixer
2022 Holy Men Adriatic Animation Sound Editor, Mixer
2021 The sea of thoughts Adriatic Animation Sound Editor, Mixer
2020 All these sensations in my belly Adriatic Animation VO recordist

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