Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

mixing, composing, mastering, sound design

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FAQ, About

About Konstantin Pshenichnikov

Composer | Russia

What can I offer you?
1) Unique music in all genres: from the futuristic space environment, as in Dead Space or Mass Effect, to cinematic and symphonic styles, as in Witcher or Skyrim;
2) The creation of sounds of all kinds – Sound design;
3) Remote job (I have a studio at home), or face-to-face, if your company requires it;
4) Fast execution of even the craziest orders;
5) Motivation: I am a big fan of video games, music and cinema.
6) High-level languages skills.
Being a professional and graduate musician, I can offer you a complete redesign of music, sounds and environment. A few words about my experience: Using knowledge acquired in the fields of production, mixing and mastering, I have mounted several individual projects, including S7leven Production whose music has been purchased in 26 countries around the world. This music has been used in some advertising films, games and videos.

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