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Film audio

Other skills

Bilingual DK / GB, audiodescription writer at DR, actress, singer,

Highlighted references

• “Utzon – the man and the Architect”, Documentary 2018, Nordic Film, English narration
• 1001 stories, Cultural site – 600 VO in Danish and English about cultural sights in Denmark
• HITMAN “BLOOD MONEY”, IO interactive, several female voices, NY , Southern

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About Laura Kamis Wrang

Voice actor | | Denmark

2in1voices offers you both Danish and English Voiceovers with 1 person in the studio.
During my professional work as a Voice actor being bilingual has given me a tremendous amount of VO opportunities across the entire media business. TV, Movies,Cartoons, Games Commercials, Promo, e-books and audioguides.

My voice guides people through the city in the Copenhagen S-train to several Art Museums and Cultural Institutions, such as The National Museum of Art and Christiansborg Castle´s representational halls, where presently I am the voice in English in the free audio guide – Useeum.

Within large DK Corporations, I guide people through e-learning courses, powerpoint presentations, security videos adverts and on their website.

Documentaries such as Nordic Film´s latest “Utzon – the Man and the Architect”

I often help with the translations and on top of doing the AD VO I have for the last 8 years also written and recorded audio descriptions for drama series, docudramas and documentaries at DR – Denmarks National Television company – .

DK Corporate Companies: Maersk, Novo, Letpension, Bluekolding,
International Companies : IBM, Arjo, Duni, Sennheiser,

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