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Film audio

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Game Audio, Sound Design, Composing, Mixing, Mastering

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About Lucas Carlsen Falcao

Sound designer | Roguewire Music | Italy

I’ve been working with audio professionally since 2010 and have experience Composing and Designing Sounds for Ads, Films and Video Games.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Never Let Me Go ALOK Sound Designer
2017 1977 Raphael Pamplona Composer
2017 1977 Raphael Pamplona Sound Designer
2018 Amigo Secreto da Estrada Mobil Delvac Composer, Sound Designer
2016 El Zolo ZOLA Composer, Sound Designer
2015 Tiempo Mas Raphael Pamplona Composer, Sound Designer
2016 Jun Matsui Andre Ferezini Sound Designer
2018 Ta Com Dolar Ta Com Deus Francisco, El Hombre Sound Designer
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