Other skills

Composing, audio restoration, Sound editing, Mixing

Highlighted references

• Rígido – Pablo Miralles & Fernando López – A great short film about to be released in which we did all the audio processes
• Zurda – Florencia Reolón – One of our dearest masterpieces that has traveled around the world
• Awkward Presidents – Our Hard Rock band

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FAQ, About


Sound designer | The Base Sound Creations | Spain

Passionate about sound and music.
Starting to make a living out of it!!!
I’m close to asking Pro Tools to marry me
Can’t see myself doing anything else than music and audio related stuff


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Zurda Florencia Reolon Sound Designer
2017 Awkward Presidents Awkward Presidents Producer, Mixer and Composer
2016 Cine Sport CineSport Sound Engineer


Year School Course
2015 SAE Institute Audio Engineering
2006 ARS NOVA Music Composition

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