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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

sound design, sound editing, composition, flute

Highlighted references

• Sang Papier, directed by Kevin T. Landry. Comedy Fantasy Short Film. 2017.
• Clowning Around, directed by Sally Rylett. Comedy Horror Short Film. 2014.
• Misleading Innocence, directed by Shahab Mihandoust. Documentary. 2014

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Re-recording mixer | Canada

Music always had, and still has a big place in my life. The big adventure started with the flute. I went from classical to electroacoustic which opened to an infinite possibility of ideas in composition. Patient and hard working, meticulous and perseverant, I always set the limit higher than it should to give a great final work. With a microphone in one hand, a laptop in the other and tons of ideas in my head, creativity is at the corner and ready to explode. Bring everything you want, I am ready for it!


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Sang Papier Kevin T. Landry Re-recording mixer
2017 Remembering Romer Marjorie Lemay Re-recording mixer
2017 The Fantasmagori Twentythousandleagues Sound designer, Sound editor, Re-recording mixer
2017 Violette Shahab Mihandoust Re-recording mixer
2016 BACK to the… APoKalypse Jocelyn Roy Re-recording mixer
2016 Vie d’Ruelles Casey Brown Flautist
2016 Dickboy Kevin T. Landry Re-recording mixer
2016 Poing Godwin Sophie Lamontagne Sound designer, Composer, Re-recording mixer
2016 Fantasmes Hugo Belhassen Re-recording mixer
2016 Le tombeau des lucioles Théâtre du cerisier Sound designer, Composer, Musician
2016 Windex Kevin T. Landry Re-recording mixer
2016 Prise au flagrant délit 13 Ninja Studios Re-recording mixer
2015 Lily Polanski Juan Sepulveda Sanchis Field recordist, Sound designer, Sound editor, Re-recording mixer
2015 Rébellion pour les nuls Priscilla Poirier Sound designer, Re-recording mixer
2015 SubLIME Marielle Marielle Cuthbertson Sound designer
2015 Forty-Six Julia Blackwell Re-recording mixer
2015 Stars Above Michael Pinsonneault Sound engineer
2015 Voix Coop Ludotek-art Sound technician
2014 Clowning Around Sally Rylett Re-recording mixer
2014 Misleading Innocence Centre Canadian d’Architecture Re-recording mixer
2014 A Few Years Old Shahab Mihandoust Foley artist, Co-composer
2014 The Middle Erin Weisgerber Re-recording mixer
2014 Spring Equinox CLOrk Flautist
2014 Zelda Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo Flautist
2014 Les cinq doigts de la main Gabriel Duceppe Recording engineer
2014 The Drowsy Chaperone AUTS Sound designer, Sound technician
2013 La Vague Liselyn Adams Flautist
2013 Être chinois au Québec Stephen de Oliveira Sound designer
2013 Creation CLOrk Laptopist
2013 Concordia University Student Concert Series Concordia University Sound engineer
2012 Hare Raising Magic Martin Cordier Sound designer
2012 Ⓓ☊∈∀ Laura Battcock Composer
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Year School Course
2013 Concordia University Electroacoustics Studies
2010 Université de Montréal Musiques numériques

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