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Composer | Spain

I’m a professional music composer from Zaragoza. I have a Degree in music composition by the Superior Conservatory of Zaragoza.

Though my main area of expertise is in music composer I also have a experience sound designer in video stories and video art, sound remake to advertising spots and video game, theater, puppets theater and music theater…
I’m open to considering a variety of interesting opportunities, but I’m most excited about componse music and design sound of video games; to work to bring the sonic dimension of a project alive, from start to finish. I’m work to Daw (Logic proX), middleware (Fmod) and a little bit programmer to the sound part of Unity.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Neverland Composer, Sound designer
2021 Broken Path Composer, sound designer


Year Award Awarded for
2019 Degree in Music Composition Superior Music Conservatory of Aragon

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