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Game Audio Integration, Synthesizer Programming, Interactive Audio

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About Masami Komuro

Composer | 39 Music | France

I’m a France-based music composer, arranger and synth programmer. Started to work in the industry in 2003, I progressively built my own production studio to work in a confortable and professional environment.
I compose, arrange and produce music for several media including video games, movies, etc. I’m also focused on sound design and hardware synthesizer programming. Beside that, I got also involved into Kodamo’s Essence FM hardware synthesizer design.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested into my skills for your project.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Supralympic Runners Uranium Soda Studio Composer, Music Integrator
2019 Cosy Quest Dreamirl Composer, Sound Designer
2019 Thorn Hive Studio / ETPA Composer
2020 Balloon Party Dreamirl Composer
2020 Everything is Fine Composer
2014 La Croqueuse d’Homme Thony-Xander Composer
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