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Voiceover, mixing, foley, sound editor

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Sound designer | Miguel Boaventura Júnior | Brazil

’m a Brazilian musician, mix engineer and sound designer with over 12 years of experience in the field. My portfolio includes clients such as KIA, Hyundai, Sony, Puma, Nike, Samsung, Hellman’s, Caixa, Cielo, among many others. During my career, I’ve garnered awards including Cannes Lions, ADC Festival, Grand Prix and more.

Aside from that, I’ve also been playing bass and guitar for Ego Kill Talent since 2016, with festivals like Rock in Rio, Download, Rock am Ring, Lollapalooza and many others around the world in our background. With the band, I’ve also released two internationally acclaimed studio albums. We’re embarking on a European tour in 2022.

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