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Ambiance and sound effects editor, sound designer.

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About Nahuel De Camillis

Sound editor | Argentina

Senior sound technician (La Metro – School of Design and Audiovisual Communication – 2016 to 2019). Sound oriented for cinema and television. Sound editor, design of environments and effects. For the last 3 years I have disguised myself in advertising sound, broadcaster address and post production in general for agencies and producers.
User of Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo and Fl Studio.
I am currently a technician at 440 Audio Production Company (Cordoba, Argentina) specializing in environment and effects editor for short films, advertisements and movies.
Teacher at La Metro – School of Design and Audiovisual Communication (Cordoba, Argentina)
We work and achieve superior audio quality, working for Magen Entertainment, Jaque Content, TresMares, among other major producers in advertising, short films, series and movies.
In 2019, I received with my fellow composer the prize for best sound for a contest created by obtaining a subscription to Soundly Pro and libraries.
My learning values ​​is always to grow, be honest, sincere and creative. Of the professionals with whom I collaborate, I appreciate sincerity, commitment and initiative.
I define myself as a communicative, positive, accompanying person and eager to learn more every day.
I am passionate about traveling and working in multicultural environments. I want to embark on new borders in Europe. I do not have international experience, I have worked and studied in only Argentina. I speak Spanish and English basic / technical.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Field Band Midwest Clinc Magen Entertainment Ambiance and Sound Effects Editor
2019 El Dia que me hice Fuerte PakaPaka – Canal Encuentro Sound Director
2019 Artigas Tres Mares Ambiance and Sound Effects Editor
2020 Inmortal Boya Films Sound Designer
2020 Azul El Mar Sabrina Moreno Sound Technician
2018 Sand and Sky Magen Entertainment Ambiance and Sound Effects Editor
2019 We Will Stay Magen Entertainment Ambiance and Sound Effects Editor
2019 Vigilia En Agosto Twins Latin Films Ambiance and Sound Effects Editor
2020 National Museum USA Army Magen Entertainment Sound Editor
2020 Metro Veinte 4 Feet ADR Recordist
2020 Museo Tamburini 2020 Bancor Sound Editor
2021 4 Feet High 4 Feet Ambiance and Sound Effects Editor
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Year Award Awarded for
2020 Fepi Gold 2020 – Production Audiovisual – “Cordobesa Para Todo” Ambiance and sound effects editor


Year School Course
2015 National University of Cordoba Bachelor of Film and TV
2016 La Lumiere Sound Design and Audio Post Production
2016 La Metro – Escuela de Diseño y Comunicacion Audiovisual Sound technician

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