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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound Editor, ADR Recordist, Field Recordist

Highlighted references

• Weltende -Matar a un perro by Alejos Santos.
• El fantástico mundo de cropogo by Wenceslao Bonelli.

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Sound designer | Pertra Soundesign | Canada

I always enjoyed the art of telling stories. Creating new worlds where the viewer can laugh, cry and even go away from reality. Images are not the only one that provokes that, sound is the other half. It is the smooth perception that keeps you motivated into the story. Otherwise is just a sum of images with no illusion.

I’ve been doing field recording and editing sound for films and documentaries for a long time now. What I really enjoy is to being part of a project and get involve from the beginning. That’s when one can get more creative and help the story.

Field Recording – ADR Recordist – Sound Editor -Sound Designer


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Weltende Alejo Santos Sound Designer, Sound editor
2014 The Mistery of Happiness Daniel Burman Dialogue Editor
2013 Los Tentados Mariano Blanco Sound Designer & Editor
2016 Young and Reckless Devon Ferguson, Andrea Shawcross Field Recording
2016 Channo Kamli Yaar Di Pankaj Batra Field Recordist
2016 Vancouver Rhapsody Beety Jiang Sound Editor
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Year Award Awarded for
2015 VFS Jam Best Sound for Video Game Jam


Year School Course
2015 Vancouver Film School Sound Design for Visual Media
2013 Cinema University Film Production

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