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Voice actor | USA | Pennsylvania

My name is Neil Cullen Rush. I am a twenty-three-year-old aspiring writer for television animation, but I also like to work with sound. I have done a fair amount of sound-related work at both my career/technology center and my community college in a radio class, a TV production class, and an audio recording/mixdown class. The latter class was frustrating due to its focus on concert audio over film/television production audio, which made it hard to learn in that class, but I think it at least gave me a basic framework for how a few of the more intermediate-to-advanced audio boards work with Pro Tools, and how some of them might work for recording dialogue for a scripted animated TV show or something like that. I also dabble in voice acting and can do a variety of high-pitched, low-pitched, and medium-pitched voices. I’m looking for entry-level positions in any subset of audio work, preferably relating to being either a dialogue recording engineer or a re-recording mixer. An ideal situation for me would be, by the time I’m twenty-five years old, to get either one of those positions or a staff writer position on an animated TV show, and then, by the time I’m thirty years old, take the steps necessary to make one of my TV show ideas into reality, be it doing a few more jobs directly involved in the art or animation parts of animated TV show production, or anything else I might need to do. I hope that other users of this website will give me a chance and consider providing me with opportunities to learn more about audio production for film and television, help me hone my existing skills in these areas, and help me bring my ideas to life.


Year School Course
2019 Northampton Community College Multimedia Production
2017 Berks Career and Technology Center Communications Media Technology
2015 Wyomissing Area Junior-Senior High School Associate’s Degree

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