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Film audio

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Composing, Field Recording, Sound Sculpting

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About Paolo Castrini

Sound designer | Italy

Born in Montichiari (BS) in 1983, he studied classical piano for seven years and then moved on to jazz, studying harmony and arrangement, and then participating in 2002 at Berklee seminars @ Umbria Jazz , obtaining the Bachelor of Arts. Subsequently he moved to Milan where he worked in various recording studios, where he learned the recording techniques and the production phases of various artists. He approaches analog synthesizers and focuses his interest in electronic music, experimenting in continuous collaborations in the studio as a sound designer and programmer and live as a keyboard player, pianist and sound engineer. With the fashion agency Mks-Milan, he develops the concept of Soundscape-Design by composing tracks for fashion shows, installations and photographic exhibitions. A concept that’s affirmed through the realization of the soundtracks of Michele Paladin’s documentaries “La nebbia prima che si alzi” and “Racconto d’Inverno”, and with his participation at the radio festival of Brest Longueurs d’ondes (partner of Radio France Culture) in 2017 for the creation of the sound-poem “Ile-coquillage” with the poet Laura Benedetti, from which a duo project was born in the union between sound and literature, at the meeting between Corsica and Italy, where residence and inspirations exchange and evolve.
Since moving to Milan he works as a technical and structural designer. The interests for technical design, physics and electronics, together and parallel to his musical research, are constantly mixed and find new shapes, merging into one, always new, (the interest in construction and repair of analog and modular synths for example), and constitute the main form of questioning and listening to society and the primary source from which to draw sounds, contradictions and ideas for his compositions and for his travels.
2019 represents the starting point of a research and study phase, to the revelation of concrete and acousmatic music; participates at the workshop “Digital Approaches to Analog Videosynthesis” by Jestern, the workshops “Soundesign” and “Audio / Video” by Ozmotic and at the “Laboratory of Sound Spatialization with Acusmonium AUDIOR” held by Dante Tanzi and Eraldo Bocca. He moved to Corsica where he devoted himself to creating soundscapes for Island Artisans Installations and for Laura Benedetti’s “Acousmatic readings”.

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