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Game audio

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sound design, sound integration, voice direction, voice acting

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Audio director | Paul Fox Audio | New Zealand

• Sound designer with many years of game experience from AAA to experimental/indie
• Technical and artistic expertise in game audio: concept, design, implementation, supervision and project management
• Dialogue coordination, casting, directing and production
• Music supervision and production
• Expert user of Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Sonar, Reaper, Reason, NetMix, Soundminer, Basehead
• Highly proficient with game sound middleware including SCREAM, Wwise as well as experience with FMOD, Miles Sound System and base Unreal audio
• Versatility with game design and text-based scripting systems, including: Maya, Unreal, Unity, and various custom in-house systems; Able to learn new tools and tech quickly
• Task tracking, scheduling and prioritisation (JIRA, Trello, TestTrack Pro, Excel/GDocs)
• Field recording enthusiast – firearms, vehicles, ambience, Foley – in engineering and project coordination capacity
• Excellent written and oral communication abilities
• Focused and organised in highly creative and chaotic environments

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Year School Course
2000 California Institute of the Arts BFA Music Technology

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