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About Pedro Freitas

Audio director | Sintagma | Portugal

Born in 1986 in Macao, China. Pedro moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and soon developed a great interest in music and sound from a young age. He graduated in 2006 as a Sound Technician and Specialised in Sound Post-Production. In the early years of his career he worked for Live Sound, in 2010 he started to work in the dubbing/voice over industry mainly for Disney at Matinha Studios, then moved on to the Theatre, as a Sound Designer and later also as a Sound Mixer. In 2012 he started to work in Sound for Documentaries, TV Series, Short Films, Corporate and Institutional videos as well as Dubbing/VoiceOver Recording, Sound Editing, Foley and Sound Post-Production. As of 2016 he holds a Sound Director position at Sintagma Traduções in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Year School Course
2005 Etic Sound Technician
2006 Etic Sound Post Production

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