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Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Performer.

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| PolJubany | Spain

As a sound designer and musician, his practice takes on various forms that are in dialogue with other scenic arts such as contemporary dance, circus, theater, concerts and street performances.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Crossing Blooders Gemma Peramiquel Musician & Performer
2016 Soñando Con Danillo Facelli Composer
2016 Touché Collectiv Insolite Musician & Performer
2017 Briks Cirk’Crash Musician & Performer
2018 INO INO Kollektiv Composer
2019 Entrañas con Patatas Losin’Form’Alls Composer
2020 Absurd Circ Vermut Composer
2020 Apocalypso Buffpapier & Têtes de Mules Musician & Performer
2021 Catapult Balañsiñ Composer
2022 Sittelle Duo Ramboutan Sound designer & Composer
2022 L’Y, Ànsia per volar Yldor Llach Composer
2023 Cavitat f. Alba Ramió i Güell Sound designer & Composer
2023 Finestres d’una Habitació Martí Soler Composer & Sound designer
2023 A Rienda Suelta Cia. Du’K’To Composer

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