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About Radu Bostan

Foley artist | MGrinder | Moldova

Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Sound Editor


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Heder Nordic United Foley Artist
2019 King of Atlantis Nordic United Foley Artist
2018 Jägarna Nordic United Foley Artist
2018 Rig 45 Nordic United Foley Artist
2018 The Lawyer Nordic United Foley Artist
2018 The last day before June Indie Film Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Filed Recordist
2017 Sofa Short Movie Sound Designer, Foley Artist
2017 Canon Cinemascope Sound Designer, Foley Artist
2016 Rezilienta Pelasg Film Sound Designer
2015 Milika Prim-Plan Studio Sound Designer, Foley Artist
2015 Evadarea Short Sound Designer
2014 Uncle Dima Goes Shopping Short Sound Designer
2013 Colectia de arome Brio Studio Filed Recordist
2013 11:30 short Sound Designer
2011 Mama Illegal doc Filed Recordist
2009 Ice Cream Story Indie Film Sound Designer, Field Recordist
2009 Wedding in Bessarabia Boom Operator
2008 The Nice Evening Party Is Starting at Morning Indie Film Field Recordist, Sound Designer
2008 Soro-Lume Short Filed Recordist
2016 Flutulus Cinemascope Filed Recordist, Sound Designer
2019 LasseMajas detektivbyrå Nordic United Foley Artist
2019 Gåsmamman Nordic United Foley Artist
2019 Fântânile Diametral Film Foley Artist
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