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Game audio

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Composing, Recording, Foley, Sound Design, Audio Editing, ADR

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Composer | Knyght Music | UK

Pianist, composer, and sound designer. Knyght draws from a wide range of influences to create music and sounds that are unique to each project. Her compositions are an ethereal mix of orchestral ensembles and computer synths. She has been creating audio for games and films around the world since 2019.

“I first sat down at a piano at age 6 and I instantly fell in love. I always start my compositions on the piano and then add in different layers and synthesised textures, pulling inspiration from the eclectic music I listen to. When I’m writing for a game or film I always try to focus on creating something that helps to make the project stand out and immerse the audience in the emotions of the media.”


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Minecraft Summer Celebration: The Theme Park Minecraft Composer and Sound Designer
2021 The Otter Side of the Lens Josh Porter Composer
2021 Elusive World Mark Muana Composer
2019 Art is Dead Jack Jameson Composer


Year School Course
2020 University of Salford Popular Music and Recording
2017 Gateshead College Music

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