A Sound Effect



Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Field Recordist, Sound Editor, Composer, SFX Libraries, Advertising

Highlighted references

• https://vimeo.com/266002728
• https://www.imdb.com/name/nm10022918/

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About Riccardo Menegon

Sound designer | Little AUDIO Works | Italy

A Professional who’s helped many industrie leaders to emerge and to develop new ideas within an adaptive mindset, modern and futuristic he’s able to understand the needs and the trends, quality is no a compromise when you teamwork with Riccardo Menegon.

In his words: “The love I have for sounds, the love to imagine and finally find the right timbres that reflects the feeling and emotion on the image, my research for those elements that allows me to create a perfect living and never-ending creature such as its audio in our lives, all of this research goes beyond anybodies imagination as oftentimes it ends up that I need to forge new sounds to create an original project signature, for me it never has been only a job, It never has been only about money and bills, I married the whole world of sounds and there, was the moment for me where everything started to connect together, a new whole universe of concepts that I would never have been able to understand otherwise if sounds has been just.. work….”


Year Project name Client Role
2018 The Missing Trait One Art Studios Sound Designer, Sound Editor
2021 LOGOS Zanzotto AviLab Sound Editor, Sound Designer
2021 Dove Nuotano i Caprioli AviLab Sound Editor, Sound Designer
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Year School Course
2018 School of Electronic Music Audio Designer / Producer / Engineer.
2021 Music Conservatoire Electronic Music and Audio Engineering

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