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Game audio

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Sound Design, Game audio integration, recording, mixing, mastering

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About Robert Ostiak

Composer | Robert Ostiak Elroy | Poland

I\’m a music composer, sound designer and audio engineer. I’m working on games, animations and various videos. I’ll gladly create you an exceptional soundtrack, whether it is a simple explainer video, feature film or a top rated game.

Over the years I have worked on over one hundred projects including games, 2D and 3D animations, commercials, trailers, movies, various videos, TV materials and apps. To this day I have gathered dozens positive reviews from my clients.

As a music composer I like to mix different styles and sounds, focusing on the right mood and the project needs. All this while caring for the quality of any audio.

I run an audio company and I have the latest equipment and software to keep my music fresh and to achieve the best efficiency at work.

Let me know if you have any questions, as it\’s always the best to discuss a given project.

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