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Game Music, Composing, Orchestration, Mixing, Guitar, Music Production

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About Rodrigo Roriz Teodoro

Composer | USA | California

I am a person that loves a challenge and opportunities to learn new things. My favorite pastime is to study new music and to find new sounds. I am always experimenting with traditional orchestration and new sounds, trying to find new combinations between traditional instruments and electronic sounds. I am a creative and self-motivated composer. My character is thoughtful, respectful, and trustworthy. I have a clear career goal; to use my music to collaborate with different people helping them to tell their stories in any media necessary.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Dawn of Stars Cosmostatistics Initiative Composer
2021 Därt Sound Designer, Composer
2021 Fink – Rubin-LSST France Fink Composer
2020 Flor do Asfalto Curta-metragem Josianne Diniz Composer
2018 Pauta Musical – Especial Cinema Lab Audio Composer, Editor, Producer, Writer


Year School Course
2021 Marshall University (USA) Master’s Degree in Composition
2019 University of Brasilia (Brazil) Bachelor’s Degree in Guitar
2016 Orebro University (Sweeden) Exange Program

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