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About Scott Lloyd Shelly

Composer | resonance array pty ltd | Australia

I’m an American film, tv and game composer, currently living in Australia, and perhaps best known for my underscore work on The Crocodile Hunter television shows. My experience includes writing and producing songs and special material for many films for Paramount Pictures; composing music for classic computer games like Terraria, Legacy of Kain, and Reader Rabbit; for documentaries like The Book That Shook The World for Fortian Productions/SBSi, and a number of short films and independent features.
I’m also an avowed film nut, a guitar player with a serious synthesizer habit, and am passionate about how music can function as the non-verbal narrator and help to move the story forward.


Year Award Awarded for
2013 “Best Sound of the Year” Issued by The Indie Game Magazine GOTY Awards 2013 · Dec 2013 Music

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