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Arrangement, Producing, Sound Design, Musician – ad, film, game

Highlighted references

• Peugeot of Brazil
• Department of Environment and Department of Education of Brazil
• WD-40 – Water Displacement

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About Sergio Machado de Souza

Composer | Freelancer | Brazil

More than 20 years of experience in creating, directing and producing music, jingles and soundtracks for advertising and audiovisual. Approximately 2000 works broadcast on TV, Radio and Internet. Clients such as: Federal Government of Brazil, State Governments and several multinational companies with national media coverage.
Citizenship of Brazil and the European Union (Italy).


Year Project name Client Role
2013 Tabuada Musical Album – Spotify Songwriter, Arranger, Director, Singer
2010 O Mundo da Matematica Brazilian Government Composer, Arranger, Performer, Mixing
2007 WD-40 (Add 1 -TV_National) WD-40 Composer, Voices, Audio Production
2017 Nananina RKS Audio Musical Arrangement & Performer
2018 Curitiba, sua linda! (Forum Model) City of Curitiba Composer, Music Arranger, Performer, Singer
2013 Mothers Day Ass. Coml. Indl. de Londrina Composer, Ukulele player
2011 WD-40 (TV#5) WD-40 Briefing, Composer, Orquestral Arranger, Lyrics, Text, Singer, Sound Designer
2002 Jingle 30″ Goody Goody Juicy Composer, Music Arranger, Audio Director and Portuguese Voice-over


Year School Course
1991 Conservatorio Laudate Musical Theory Course
1994 Universidade Federal do Parana Music & Technology Course
1996 Clinica Pro Music Studio Studio Courses & Internship
1997 Audiodigital Studio Audio Engineering Lessons
1982 Compostela Music School Flamenco – Guitar Lessons
2005 Contemporanea Music School Lyrical Singing Lessons
2016 Regina Bever Music School Popular Singing Classes

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