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Game audio

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Sound Designer, VR Sound Designer, Audio Tools Pro, Sound Engineer

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Sound designer | SherA | Pakistan

Sher Abbas is a Pakistani sound designer, music composer, actively worked in the Pakistan Games and Film Industry, all-around Audio Guru.

– Music writing/production/mixing/mastering

– Music product analyst

– Audio & Voice Signal processing Engineer

– FMOD, wwise and SFX Engineer

– clean up and mastering (including intro’s and outro’s)

– Film/TV audio editing and sound design

– Mobile App Games music production/mixing and sound FX design

– YouTube video sound editing and clean up

– Voiceover editing, recording, noise reduction and mastering

– Consulting with anything audio or music related

Played Piano for over 5 years

Song writing and recording for over 5 years

Have been writing, producing, mixing, mastering for over 10 years in all musical styles such as EDM, Electronica , Future Soul , pop , Future Classic , Trance , Trap , rock ,hip hop , dance , metal , country , acoustic , orchestral

Already Done Over 1000+ Games Audio Score

Specialties: Music Writing, Sound Engineering, Mixing, Mastering. Composing, Finding quick solutions in tough deadlines, Audio Instructions, Performing Art, Directing, Score development of sounds for
Games and films.

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