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Animation Series / TV Programming / Feature Film

Highlighted references

• Danger Mouse – Boulder Media
• Chico Bon Bon – Broewn Bag Films/Silvergate Media
• Pure Grit – Frontline Films/Kim Bartley

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Sound designer | Windmill Lane Pictures | Ireland

I am a Re-recording mixer and Sound Editor with over 10 years experience in the Industry in Ireland. I have predominantly worked on Animation Series such as Danger Mouse, Bing Bunny, Doc McStuffins, Randy Cunningham : 9th Grade Ninja, Peter Rabbit, Littlest Pet Shop, Go Jetters, and Chico Bon Bon. I have been nominated for an IFTA for my work on Danger Mouse and won two Irish Animation Awards for Best Sound Design, also on Danger Mouse.

Outside of Animation, I have worked on Feature films and television series, but my main focus has been on Animation Series.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 – Present Danger Mosue Freemantle Media Sound Editor
2016 Maudie Mongrel Madia Foley Editor
2015 Bing Acamar Sound Editor
2021 My Little Pony Hasbro/EOne Sound/Foley Editor
2019 – 2020 Chico Bon Bon Silvergate Media/Netflix Re-recording Mixer
2020 Pure Grit Underground Films Re-recording Mixer
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Year Award Awarded for
2017 Best Sound Design Danger Mouse
2019 Best Sound Design Danger Mouse

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