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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Game Audio Integration, Composing, File Organization, Production Audio

Highlighted references

• “LURE” in collaboration with Candor Interactive
• “Traverse” in collaboration with Illyrian Games
• “Bloodshot” in collaboration with VFS Game Campus

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About Taj Wheeler

Sound designer | Canada

Hello, I’m Taj Wheeler. A friendly team player, an adaptive problem solver, and the possessor of a mind that never stops imagining. Sound Design has been such an exciting adventure for me and it allows my creativity to bloom while the technical side keeps me engaged and statistical. Ever since I started and graduated Vancouver Film School I’ve been excited by new projects and challenges. I always achieve the goals of my clients and teams no matter how big the obstacles. Sound Design to me is the life of any virtual world, the power behind a weapon, and the immersive beauty of an environment. Let’s build a world, together!


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Traverse Illyrian Sound Designer, Composer
2018 LURE Candor Interactive Sound Designer, Composer
2016 Bloodshot Vancouver Film School Game Campus Sound Designer, Composer


Year School Course
2016 Vancouver Film School Sound Design for Visual Media

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