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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Voice acting, Composing, Sound Editing, Field Recording

Highlighted references

• Dog’s Best Friend – Composing for video game
• The Temple – Co-Composing for 3D Environment
• Phygital Literature – Augmented books and Art Installation as part of a summer research program.

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FAQ, About

About Tautvydas Kuliešius

Sound designer | UK

Hi and welcome to my Soundlist page!

I’m Tautvydas Kuliešius, but people call Toto for short.

Primarily I do sound design, but enjoy working as a composer, sound editor, performer, field recordist and visual artist.
In my spare time I love cooking, reading books, playing video games and spending time outdoors. Basketball is my preferred sport and I aim to practise the Wim Hof’s Method everyday (followed by a cold shower!).

I am also in an improvisational, experimental music band called – “No-Input,Cat! with which we gig in London and surrounding areas.

If you would like to chat or get in touch, feel free to drop me a message on social media or email me, I love meeting new people!


Year Project name Client Role
2022 The Temple Malika Omarova Co-Composer
2022 Phygital Literature Digital World Research Centre Project Researcher/Composer and Designer
2022 Dog’s Best Friend Dan Macduff Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2023 Joyce Dixey Composer Original, multimedia composition ( )


Year School Course
2023 University of Surrey Creative Music Technology (First Class Honours)
2019 Academy of Contemporary Music Guitar Performance – Foundation year (Pass)

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