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About Toby Cole

Sound designer | UK

As an aspiring sound designer, I am passionate about crafting immersive auditory experiences that elevate the storytelling and emotional impact of any project. To me, creativity is as important as technology. I care about communicating the story as much as delivering the soundtrack. I have collaborated closely with directors, producers, and other creative professionals to ensure that the sound design aligns with their vision and goals. Additionally, I am proficient in industry-standard software and tools, and always seeking out new techniques and technologies to improve my craft. Whether working on a film, game, or other multimedia project, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality sound design that enhances the audience’s experience and brings the project to life.

I work well within a team by actively listening to feedback and incorporating it into my work. I am open to new ideas and approaches, and always willing to offer my own insights and suggestions to help the team achieve our goal. I am highly organised and able to manage my time effectively, ensuring that I meet deadlines and contribute to the team’s overall progress. While film is my primary interest, I am also excited about the idea of working in areas such as sporting events and video games as a sound designer/recordist.

Being a recent First Class BA (Hons) Film Production graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, I have just finished post-production work on my graduate film ‘Sympatheia’, and I am now looking for opportunities to get started in the professional industry as a sound designer.

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