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Game Music, Trailer Music, Classical Piano, Guitar, Sound Design

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About Tomasz Christoper Edwards

Composer | T.C Edwards | UK

I am a Media composer from London. Since 2017 I have worked on games, audiobooks, motion-picture and prestigious music libraries. My stylistic scope is broad because I often must adapt to the needs of my clients. However, following an unconventional musical education I have become proficient with writing orchestral, horror, metal, ambient, sentimental and classical music. Also, as I have studied piano to a university level, composing for this instrument is one of my strengths.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Christmas Album 2020 Weisser Ring Composer/Arranger
2020 Library Smashtrax Composer
2019 Die Entdeckung der Fliehkraft Griot Hörbuch verlag Composer
2019 Der Trost runder Dinge Griot Hörbuch verlag Composer
2019 Christmas Album 2019 Weisser Ring Composer
2018 Wortmaler Griot Hörbuch verlag Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2020 Eric Morris Award Outstanding musicianship
2019 Nominated for German Audiobook Award A title I composed music for was nominated for this prestigious award.
2019 Nominated for German Critics’ Prize A title I composed music for was nominated for this prestigious award.


Year School Course
2020 Bangor University Music

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