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Dialog Editing and Repair

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About Tony Agapiou

Composer | USA | Texas

Highly experienced producer, editor, & creative leader with continued, proven success in digital media. I’ve managed the end to end creative process from conception to completion and have been an active creative in all areas including design, shooting, field and post audio, editing, sound (editing, design and mastering) in addition to music composition.


Year Project name Client Role
2010 Rosetta Stone IXL Learning Dialog Editor
2004 Tales of The Abyss Namco/Bandai Dialog Editor
2003 Tales of Symphonia Namco/Bandai Dialog Editor
2004 Tales of Legendia Namco/Bandai Dialog Editor
2004 Xenosaga Episode III Namco/Bandai Dialog Editor
2020 Dr Who Season Preview Composer
2010 Dave’s World DVD Release Intro Redo Composer

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