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Composing, audio engineering,Audio,Production, Post Production, VoxOvr

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About Tron McBride

Composer | USA | South Carolina

Dantron McBride Who’s Artist name is Sir.Tron Tha Great love for music was developed when he join Yli Mafia Records in 2000. After playing music for hours locked away in his room and his love for writing poetry Tron feel fell in love with the process of writing. With the ability to write poetry and his quick abilities to break down words, you will often hear a complex message though his delivery of metaphors and poetic lines.

Dantron has done a number of Instrumentals for many different acts, there are no limitation on the genres that Dantron can do.Tron has also produced for several television and radio shows he has also been involved with a variety of hip-hop groups: Ylimafia records, Da Bandits and Nvrsn and is currently working with Boondock Kings and Boondock Branded.

Tron continue to fuel his passion for music by deciding to further education at Full Sail University, Tron has learned the science behind the music when he earned his bachelor’s degree in Audio Production in Science. Here is where Tron refine his skills learning everything from music theory to placing sound and music in games, films, and other media outlets.

Tron has had many influences that has guided him durning his career to name Tupac, Big Rube, Royce Da 5’9 and Outkast to name a few. Tron displays passion for his craft and would one day want to share and help other display their love of music as well.


Year School Course
2020 Full Sail University Entertainment Business Management Master
2019 Full Sail University Audio Production

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