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Technical Audio, Game Audio Integration, Audio Lead

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About William Clark

Audio director | USA | California

My name is Will Clark, and I’m a sound designer, composer, and audio expert based in San Francisco, California. My passion for music started at an early age, when I began playing in youth orchestras on the violin and double bass. I went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Music Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where I studied music theory and the works of JS Bach.

After completing my Bachelor’s, I delved into electronic music and discovered the joys of working with synthesizers and production tools like Ableton Live and Pro Tools. I went on to earn a Master’s degree in Music Technology Innovation from Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, where I honed my skills in recording arts and music production.

Since then, I’ve taught college-level courses in Ableton Live, ProTools, and sound design at institutions like SAE Expression and Pyramind. I’ve also founded my own company, Colour Feeders, where I designed and deployed media-based installations in art galleries and music festivals around the world.

Now, I’m excited to bring my passion and technical expertise to the game industry, where I’m looking for a full-time role as a sound designer or audio programmer. I am currently gaining industry experience with the game development collective P1-OM. If you’re looking for a versatile and experienced audio professional with a background in classical music and a deep love for sound and music, please reach out to me.


Year School Course
2012 San Francisco Conservatory of Music Classical Music Performance Bachelor’s Degree
2014 Berklee College of Music Music Technology Innovation Master’s Degree

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