Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound design, Music composing

Highlighted references

• “Premier League – MatchTV” project for Studio Infografika

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FAQ, About

About Yana Alimuradova

Sound designer | Self-employed | Azerbaijan

I am an experienced sound designer, music composer, sound editor, sound mixer, dialogue editor, foley/field recordist and voiceover actress. Open to remote or relocation in gaming and animation industries. I have created sound for games, animation films, commercials and NFTs. I worked for many years as a session musician and QA Tester in the past.
In my free time I like to create content for my social networks and to play bass guitar and piano.

Here are some samples of my work:

Sound design: https://vimeo.com/alimuradovasound

Music: http://alimuradovasound.tilda.ws/music

Technical sound design: https://bit.ly/TechSDbyYA

Please contact me at: alimuradova.sound@gmail.com


Year Project name Client Role
2022 Premier League – MatchTV Studio Infografika Sound designer, Composer, Sound engineer
2021 Maybelline – Express Brow Studio Infografika Sound designer, Sound engineer
2021 Drunk Robots Studio Infografika Sound designer, Sound engineer
2021 Sova Capital – Presentation video Studio Infografika Sound designer, Sound engineer
2021 Yasno Solnishko Studio Infografika Sound designer, Sound engineer


Year School Course
2022 XSSR Academy Interactive sound and audio engines (FMOD/Wwise, Unity)
2021 Anton Booster Academy Sound design course
2020 Audio stocker course Commercial music course
2017 Mussorgsky Musical College jazz department
2012 Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” computer technology

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