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music production, sound design, mixer

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About Albert Fernández

Composer | Spain

As a child I was really into videogames.
As a teenager I was really into music.
Now into both!

I’m a composer mostly focused on orchestral music although I’m comfortable making other styles of music.
I started making music for games after meeting some developers at indie forums and since then I’ve gradually grow up a lot as a composer for this media.
My main goal in the course of my career is to create amazing audiovisual experiences through my music, experiences that last with the player after they closed the game.

I define myself as someone who is very pro-active, who takes a lot of attention to details (quite perfectionist!), and always renewing myself both professionally and personally.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Missing Translation AlPixel Games Composer
2017 Dive Hard Impressive Entertaintment Composer
2017 Dunpet Colors GuGames Development Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
2017 Who The Hell Is Sarah? AlPixel Games Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
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Year Award Awarded for
2015 HoPlay 2014 Finalist on the sound category for the game ”Missing Translation


Year School Course
2014 EUMES Music/Sound Diploma

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