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Sound designer | UK

I have recently graduated from Abertay University with a first-class honours degree in sound and music for computer games, where I was awarded the JAMES award for exceptional work for my game, ‘FHear’ and I’m looking for a junior-level sound designer role within the games industry.

‘FHear’ is an audio-only survival horror game where the player is completely cut off from any visual stimuli and immersed in a 360° soundscape where they are forced to use both environmental sounds and dynamic music to evade the grasps of a creature built up in their imagination, whilst following the voice of a friend to safety.

Single-handedly designing and developing my own game using Unity, Wwise and Pro Tools, helped me develop my skills in a range of positions from within the games development industry taking on the roles of the designer, the programmer, QA, level designer etc. whilst allowing my sound design and compositional skills to immerse the player in a spine-chilling sonic environment, which the player can only escape if they turned the lights back on.

I have linked my website, where you can see my portfolio and CV, I would be delighted if you were to contact me for a chat to see if we would be a good match.

Alasdair Marnoch


Year Award Awarded for
2020 JAMES Award for Exceptional Work FHear


Year School Course
2020 Abertay University Sound and Music for Computer Games

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