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Game audio

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Game audio integration, Composing, Mastering, Re-Recording Mixer,

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About Alessio Giorgianni

Sound designer | unrealsfx | Italy

I have always been a Sound Designer, since when as a child I placed the turntable’s needle on my first vinyl, continuing through my fantastic ATARI 1040 ST with the first version of CUBASE, up to now through Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Native Instruments, FMOD and whatever it is able to produce and record sounds. My skills are mainly in sound design for every type of Entertainment whatever it’s Gaming, Cinema, Music or Dubbing. I do Audio Implementation with Unrealengine and FMOD. I’m also an electronic music producer in particular I’m proficient in creating Soundscape and Drone Ambient. The experience gained over the years through the many work situations I have worked with have allowed me to expand my knowledge in sound design in all its forms. This path has led me to work in very different environments from which I have absorbed a considerable and profitable experience.

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