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About Maciek Ravs

Sound designer | Freelancer | Ireland

I Love Sounds and Music – Sound Design and Music Composing is my life passion.

As Sound Engineer/Editor/Mixer I can work on various projects, on Animated films or non Animated films, TV/Radio Ads/Jingles, Promo Videos/Trailers.
As Sound Designer and Music Composer my main focus is on Animated films and now I starting develop my skills in Computer Games and Mobile Applications.
I am interested in Foley Art too.

I create my own custom sounds from the scratch and create my own instruments, banks of presets or record my own sounds and process them.
I do have unique style.. I believe every sound designer (should) have some individual sound style..
Every person have different sensitivity, mindset and values.. so it’s not strange that
I will be looking for a projects to work on which resonate with me on artistic and human values/ethics level.
If I feel the project I ‘ll give more than 100% at work.

I believe that visual art and sound have big impact/influence on people from kids to adults and can change the World for the better.
I want to be a part of that positive influence and change.

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