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Film Audio, Game Audio Implementation, Sound Mixing

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Sound designer | Croatia

I am a former competitive gamer, basketball enthusiast and a sound designer with a strong film and television background. Over the past eight years I have been creating, editing and mixing sound for film, television and as of recent, video games.

As a sound post-production specialist I worked on over two hundred episodes of various television shows, twenty-nine shorts, three feature films, three indie video games and numerous commercials, web-shows and other short forms.

I’m comfortable in performing most sound production and post-production tasks – from studio and field recording to dialogue editing and final mix. I am familiar with a wide range of audio equipment and techniques.

While being a part of game development teams I became proficient in Fmod and Unreal Engine 4. I am experienced in implementing sound assets using Unreal Engine’s Level Editor, Visual Scripting and Animation Blueprints. I also have a Wwise 101 Certificate.


Year Project name Client Role
2013 Southeast of Reason Nulta Gravitacija Sound Designer/Mixer
2015 Star Stuff: The Story of Carl Sagan Nulta Gravitacija Sound Designer/Mixer
2018 Za ona dobra stara vremena MissArt Dialogue Editor
2018 Hangar 8 Nulta Gravitacija Sound Designer
2017 Solstice Chronicles: MIA Ironward Sound Designer
2017 Antisphere Soap Interactive Sound Designer
2018 Tormental Gungrounds, Croteam Sound Designer
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Year Award Awarded for
2014 Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design Award Southeast of Reason


Year School Course
2012 Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb BA in Film and Sound Editing
2016 Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb MA in Sound Design

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