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Composer | Partituras Inmortales | Greece

The evolution of Angelos Mavros’ music began with organ and harmony lessons at a very young age, way back in 1991.

His productive career began in 1999, when he started making music on his home computer.

I compose musical themes like John Williams, Alan Silvestri & Danny Elfman. Orchestral themes that will infuse your feature film with magic powder.

Hi. My name is Angelos Mavros, I live in Athens, Greece. I am a media composer specialized in feature films.

I received my first organ and harmony lessons at a very young age, way back in 1991.

My productive career began in 1999, when I started making music on my home computer.

For more than 2 decades, I kept on producing & releasing electronic music.

In 2020, I flexed my creativity and pulled down the walls between “electronic” and “organic” music, adding live instruments to amp up the cinematic feel of my pieces.

Since then, I have been working for businesses and individuals (cinematographers, game developers etc.) in order to enrich their projects with original compositions.

Feel free to contact me and tell me about your project. If your film is in post-production, I am the guy you should be talking to.

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